Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Up And Down

Day And Night

I couldn’t resist displaying two of my favorite modern technological advancements; The Flickr slideshow embed, and NASA pictures of the earth. In this case, the night side of the planet.

They call it; Black Marble

Don’t forget to click the full page toggle in the bottom right corner to get the big picture.

It looks like this

Georgia Kindergarten Classroom

While most kids cry going to the kindergarten every morning, a few Georgian kids in the city of Rustavi do just the opposite and cry when going back home. MORE

Drops On The Flowers


Last night, I had Hake, (white fish), and rice. There were 4 pieces of fish in the package from Trader Joe’s frozen section, so I have another dinner of fish and rice ready to heat up on Thursday. I liked it seasoned with fresh squeezed lemon and fresh ground pepper, mmmmm good.

Treehouse Tree

Each day the dining room at the Treehouse becomes more festive. I took the pictures of the tree on Tuesday night. One with flash and one without. Thanks to computer graphics, I can put them both in one Gif.

Today’s Video Gift;

A Short History of the Gif | Moving the Still from LEGS MEDIA on">Vimeo


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