Friday, November 2, 2012

What's In Your Tofu?

Probably GMO Soy Beans

But, you will never know if prop 37 doesn’t pass.

Monsanto, Dupont, and other corporations are pulling out all the stops to keep you and me from knowing if the food we buy is natural or genetically modified. They have spent over $37,000,000.00, (that’s right; Thirty-Seven Million dollars), in attack ads, (and dirty tricks*), to keep from having to put GMO on food labels. *See what I got in Thursday’s mail, (above).

Let your friends know that it is important to know what is in our food. Yes on 37.

Speaking of food; The cutest, little, Halloween cupcake was sitting outside my door the morning after All Hallows Eve. All Saints Day and Day Of The Dead, mean the same thing. It is a day to remember, and honor, those good people who have already slipped their mortal coil.

Apple pie with fresh whipped cream

Today, I didn’t have ice cream for my slice of heated up apple pie. Fortunately, I did have some organic, heavy, whipping cream in the fridge, (short for Frigidaire). Thanks to a series of experiments, I was able to whip up some nutritious stuff to put on my pie in lieu of ice cream. It was good.

After a cloudy afternoon, the sun peeked between the layers of clouds to light up Mount Lassen just before sunset. What a wonderful world we live in. Please do whatever you can to try to keep it this way. Cut back on fossil fuel use, recycle, use alternative energy whenever possible. Try to leave this world at least as good as you found it.

Today’s Relative Video;

The Real Bears - DC from Lucas Zanotto on">Vimeo

Conserving Saves Lives

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