Sunday, November 18, 2012


More Rewarding

The more we learn about what we are looking at, what we are doing, and what other things are doing, the greater the experience.

Knowing the history of where you are, enhances your conscious moment in time to include layers of the past with your now.

The more I know about the design, construction, and history of roads, bridges, and the vehicles upon them, the more skillfully and smoothly I can confidently transport myself from place to place.

The more you know about anatomy, physiology, animal behavior, anthropology, history, psychology, and sociology, the more you can appreciate, and fully participate, in your own life.

The more one knows about astronomy, the more magic and fulfilling is the experience of looking at the night sky. Knowledge enriches every aspect of our brief moment on earth.

The more we know, the more consciously and spiritually alive we can become.

I wonder if there is a graduate course in life experience appreciation and application?

I would sign up for that study.

The path of enlightenment is an available opportunity for us humans.

Today’s Illuminating Video;
(Filmed with an iPhone 4s)

Spain // iPhone 4s from AXYONOV production on">Vimeo

Smile For The Camera

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