Monday, November 26, 2012

Expanded Vision

Revolving Viewpoint

This is a point of view that most of us don’t get to see. This is how it would look if we could look at ourselves from the other side of a mirror. What we normally see is a mirror image.

Last week, I went looking for Christmas card imagery. There was snow on Mount Shasta, and Mount Lassen, but the gas it would take wasn’t in my November budget. My Journey would have to be closer to home.

The one lane road out to Digger Bay Marina is rustic and loaded with inspirational views, so I took a drive on that. I didn’t see visions of Christmas, but fall was making an appearance there, last Wednesday. The drive was very pleasant.

Back at the Treehouse, I saw some of the familiar, neighbor birds. Some of them seem to feel comfortable with me walking around taking pictures. They must remain alert and wary of cats and other predators that share this knoll on which we live, so I don’t think they will benefit by getting too relaxed.

I waved at this couple who were out for a Thanksgiving weekend soar in an ultralight aircraft. They were bundled up in their leather jackets, motorcycle helmets, and the lady was wearing what appeared to be ski boots. It looked like fun.

I found another spot to frame pictures of Mount Lassen. It includes power lines, but I think they add to the composition. This was from a series of shots taken through barbed wire, chain link fences, high tension power lines, and other objects that might distract from the natural magnificence of the scenery. Look for the slide featurette in some future post.

To bring us a bit closer to the present, I have included this image I took as I got out of the Buick after a trip to the store just before sunset this evening. I couldn’t pass up this combination of the colorful tree outside my apartment, and the waxing moon revolving around planet earth.

Today’s Scenic Video;

Time Travelogues

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