Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Terrorists Under The Bed

Donald Drumpf’s Campaign of Fear

To cause fear is to terrorize.

Dam on 20th.jpg
Nice Tuesday at Shasta Dam

America’s most frightening terrorist is Donald Drumpf.

His deplorable followers and the media are responsible for spreading those fears.

For years, media has been amplifying Drumpfs message of hate your neighbors.

Driveway Red 20th.jpg
Happy driveway rose

Terrorists don’t have to send armadas of ships and warplanes to vanquish enemies...

They just have to blow up a cooking pot or shoot a bunch of people they don’t like.

Then Donald Drumpf will tweet and call in to CNN to complain that Obama is letting Syrians, Iranians, Mexicans, Asians, and Africans into our country so they can kill us all.

Mt Shasta 1.jpg
Mount Shasta as seen from Lake Shasta on Tuesday

“They’re pouring in all over our borders to kill you and Obama is doing nothing to stop them”, Drumpf shouts.

His fearmongering bullshit is broadcast and reprinted day in and day out, 24/7.

Dway Rose 20th Also.jpg
Another happy driveway rose

The most powerful weapon terrorists have is fear.

Wide view of Lake Shasta.jpg
Beautiful day at the lake

Our fear is diminishing freedom in America.

We are vanquishing ourselves with our fear of “the other”.

Mine Across Lake.jpg
Mine on a lakeside hill

Want to feel safer and more secure? Turn off cable news and talk radio for starters.

Love your neighbor and respect yourself

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