Friday, September 19, 2014

News That Is Actually True

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This is an experiment with embedding news videos, (and a video of one political candidate whom I endorse). Lets see how this turns out.

This has a lot to do with my recent experiences with ‘embedding disabled by request’. This is a feature that YouTube stuck in everyones account with their last update. Since then it is up to those of us who produce videos to turn that feature off if we want our videos to be shared on other people’s blogs and websites.

Over time I was getting discouraged by the number of YouTube videos that I wanted to share that have the disabled feature on them. I knew this was likely that most people didn’t know about the change so I contacted one of them last night to let him know I wanted to embed his video on my blog.

He ended up emailing the embed code to me because neither of us could figure out how to make it available in the regular fashion.

Today while I was checking the other sites where I had run into that problem before, I noticed that the format for the display of the embed code has changed, and that some of the sites are working properly now. This is good news.

As a result, today I will embed video clips from some reliable news sources. Beginning with Fair TV

Fair TV is all the things that corporate news is not. It is a look at real stories and how the major outlets spin them. Even PBS is assisting defense contractors by helping to sell bombs, boots, drones, and the disastrously misguided policy that more wars will save you from the boogyman.

Media Matters exposes stuff like this Fox News actress spreading lies;

It is a good thing that there are lie catcher groups like Media Matters who will take the time to watch the mind numbingly stupid spin on Fox, so you and I don’t have to. Watching that stuff is like reading supermarket tabloids.

The candidate I will be voting for

I will vote for Heidi Hall. She is a dedicated, educated, experienced public servant. We need her in Washington.

Named after the famous workers rights activist Mary Harris Jones, Mother Jones magazine online and in print, hires courageous journalists who get to the heart of the matter so we can get a better view of events in the news.

And Finally,

Laughter Is Awesome

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