Thursday, September 18, 2014

Discovering A New World

By Getting Older In This One
(And That’s A Good Thing)

All by itself

I am surprised to find that I am doing everyday stuff like I see ‘old people’ do.

Each day I’m finding new ways to spill things and bumble in general.

Look More Closely.jpg
A closer look at the lone bloomer

When I whack my funny bone on the door knob or skin my knuckles pulling my hand out of the cupboard, I remark out loud, “Wow, I’ve never hurt myself that way before”, “That’s a new experience”.

Not Lonely.jpg
Could not resist getting really close

One of the bigger adjustments I have been making is the reality of deteriorating eyesight. 

I don’t realize, sometimes, just how limited my vision has become until I get home after a days photographic adventure.

Once I put the images into the computer and see them blown up I discover bugs and spiders right in the middle of a flower that I didn’t see when I looked through the lens to take the picture. 

One time the computer display revealed a praying mantis, big as life, right on the stem of a rose that I hadn’t known was there when I took the picture.

Pie 3.jpg
An apple a day - pie style

It will be interesting to find out if I lose a lot of my spill skills and bruised extremity moments after I have a cataract removed and obtain prescription glasses.

It could be that my bumbling old guy stuff is just a product of unfocused vision. I mean, really, I am only going to be 70 next year and that seems relatively young to my way of thinking.

Silent exhaust.jpg
Exhaust fan alternative

If I am using the oven, (you know, to bake a pie or something), that normally would mean at least an hour of hearing the exhaust fan noise.

A few months ago, I came up with the hanging towel trick to make the fan more efficient, but I have discovered it works nearly as well without the fan running at all. That is a new and pleasing discovery.

Heavens Crows.jpg
Heaven’s crows

This coming Saturday, the 20th, there will be an electric car demonstration and display in Rochas Auto Service parking lot.


It is at the corner of Shasta View and Hartnell. I used to go to these guys to get the Buick smogged. Julio makes me feel happy when I see him. I hope he is there Saturday.

Wide lens close.jpg
These are fun flowers for fotos

Today’s Video;

Here is one from the Center for Biological Diversity about Sunday’s Climate March

You will have to click on the link to see their video. They didn’t have embedding enabled.

Neither did these guys with their wonderful carbon emissions world map animation.

I received an embed code by email for the FFDAS Carbon Dioxide Emissions;


So,...Here Is This Embedded Video;


Reliable Inexhaustible Sunshine

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