Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sort Of A Photojournal


New White 2.jpg
Thursday new white driveway rose

After a few days of no roses along the driveway, a new white appeared. On closer examination, a small bud could be found on the red rose making bush, too.

Aloha Fire 3.jpg
The Gulch fire from here at the Treehouse

Thursday there was the sound of water bombers as they assisted firefighters near Aloha drive and Blue Sky road where a fire had jumped containment lines.

Water Bomber 4.jpg
A firefighting plane flies over the Treehouse

From the Treehouse you could see the changes in the color of the smoke as the planes dropped their loads. The dark black smoke plume turned to clouds of white.

Aloha Rd Fire.jpg
After the planes bombed the fire

The fire was started by a burning vehicle according to reports. The occupants of the vehicle escaped without injuries.

There was no smoke coming from the Bella Vista/Jones Valley area on Saturday.

Gourmet Eatin'.jpg
Gourmet dinner with fresh tomatoes from Jackie’s garden

I am so glad I have internet and my MacBook to allow me to interact with the world at large.These things are tools for photography, music, video production and artwork, as well as entertainment. 

I rarely spend time being a spectator watching programs on TV. I prefer being a participant.

2" Long Lizard 2.jpg
This “not a lounge lizard” is only 2.5” long

For me it’s good to be able to respond to stories with a comment or rebuttal during the time I am reading or seeing it online. I find that a much more satisfying way to read the paper(s) and watch programs.

Bright White.jpg
The white driveway rose in bloom on Saturday

One example would be those “war cheerleaders” on Fox News who have never been in combat, but clamor for dropping bombs on all the world’s problems. Intelligent responses are cearly needed there.

It would be great to point out the absurdity of bombing Iraq with the hopes that one might eliminate the Islamic State.

That would be as psychopathic and senseless as when Henry Kissinger insisting on dropping 4 million tons of bombs on the country of Cambodia because the Vietcong were last seen headed over the border.

Dway Red Sat.jpg
Beautiful red driveway rose

Anyway, one can read what is really going on in the world as well as our own country on the internet.

After you weed out the crazy, the ignorant, the xenophobes and the right wingnut sites and blogs, you will discover the availability of hundreds of historical and up to the minute learned perspectives and extensive research publications on any subject you can imagine.

Sort Of Sunflower.jpg
Similar core structures as a sunflower

So how does one get all these great news and other sites of interest?

I will share a few of my regulars. These are links, so you can click on them and the sites will load. You can use various applications that allow you to put your collections of sites onto one page, or you can do as I do and subscribe to the site and they will show up in your email. ( I use the Apple mail program and it works for me )

Borate Bomber 2.jpg
This big borate bomber flew over the Treehouse Saturday

Quartz - collections of financial and other news of the the day throughout the world

Daily Kos - Left leaning very accurate diaries about events in the news and how they are reported in the media

Media Matters - exposes lies, misinformation and misinformers in the news

Crooks and Liars - progressive news and media coverage

Mother Jones - Real journalists writing fact checked stories about people and events in the news

Daily Show - Jon Stewart satirizes the news and does real interviews with a variety of people from presidents, writers, scientists, supreme court justices, comedians, and people in the news.

New York Times - part of the republican noise machine with the exception of 3 regular contributors.

Washington Post - same right leaning stories as NYT but without any pesky liberal voices at all

Wall Street Journal - More to the right than the post or the times, but not quite full on John Birch Society/Libertarian crazy

New Republic - As far into the right wing illogical alternate reality as I can stand to go. I would not recommend reading this stuff on a regular basis. They are not kidding. They actually believe the crap they write is reality. I only read this source about once a year when I need to know just how far from the truth they can twist news and still have their readers enthusiastically believing every word.

Huffington Post - right leaning, but with a fashionably new-agey tabloid spin. Annoying sometimes, but they don’t pretend to appeal to intellectuals or professionals.

Gizmag - The latest high tech stuff...oh yeah

Treehugger - Green living and design

The Guardian - Real journalists taking risks to get the truth

Jungle Scene.jpg
Semi-tropical foliage in front of John Harrison’s violin shop

I also collect some of my favorite news, art, green energy, photography, music, sports, and entertainment on pages like Google News, My Yahoo, and other reeder type pages.

Butterfly 4.jpg
Buckeye butterfly not much bigger than my thumbnail

In addition I read the local newspaper online editions for Redding, Sacramento, Richmond, San Francisco, San Jose, L A Times, Valley Times, Houston, as well as new sources in Shanghai, London, Rome, Qatar, Japan, and Hong Kong.

There are television/video news sites that I visit daily as well BBC, RT, Aljazeera to name 3.

Dway White Sat.jpg
Driveway white in a different light

Of course when I read an article that contains links, I go there, too. Sometimes it is because an article may use a link as a source and I like to see who or what source that may be. In questionable stories the link does not support the conclusions of the article.

When a story smells odd, one can get to the source information and see just how the story got skewed and coated in poop. That’s what I love about the internet I can fact check as I read a story. That is also why I don’t read The National Review very often. I would be spending my whole day fact checking that steaming pile of right wing BS.

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