Thursday, September 4, 2014

Languid Congnitive Expression

What Happened?

Tuesday Night Moon.jpg
Tuesday night moon

This truncated week might be one of the reasons I feel out of step with the tap dance of time. I did manage to record some tracks with John on Wednesday that may or may not be better than last week. We need good demos of the latest songs.

Yucca 5.jpg
In front of John’s violin shop

This renewed interest in song arrangement details is a mixed blessing. Partly because I have already learned to sing and play comfortably using the previous arrangements. Putting a slick new accent or passing tone into the guitar part requires changes in breathing and combining new rhythms into a form I can sing freely with.

Morning Glory Heights.jpg
Morning glory and crepe myrtle combo

Would that the world’s problems were so simple that a few changes would eventually resolve differences into beautiful harmonious compositions.

With Milk 3.jpg
A bowl of tasty life supporting sustenance

Perhaps I have stumbled upon an overlooked solution; “Little changes can lead to a pleasant resolution.”

I must send that to our ambassador of peace. Oh, wait... We don’t have one of those.

Jungle Out There.jpg
Cloud safe selfie

Maybe that is why we don’t seem to find peaceful solutions. No ambassador of peace. We aren't prepared to pursue that sort of outcome.

The United States is seen by the rest of the world as a spoiled child holding the worlds largest nuclear arsenal. Not a soothing presence to calm conflicted nations.

Happy Driveway Red.jpg
Sunshine on driveway red

I suppose it is up to us, people like you and me to be America’s ambassadors of peace. At least until we elect some less ideological and more thoughtful public officials.

Today’s Video;

It’s A Big Beautiful Universe

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