Monday, September 29, 2014

Inventing Scary Terrorists

The Same Old Flim Flam

Just like Iraq

WWII plane flying over the Treehouse

We really, really have to stop funding the war machine of the Pentagon. These Generals and defense advisers are simply salespersons for defense contractors and will stop at nothing to get money for more weapons. The petroleum moguls will buy whomever and whatever is required to make it happen.

How to start bombing Syria

The propaganda sales crew began by beating the “imminent threat” war drums on September 13. They claimed a new terrorist group called Khorasan was going to attack America wearing exploding clothes and other extremely frightening stuff. “More scary than ISIS” the news broadcast loudly 24 hours a day, and suddenly there was every justification to start bombing the monstrous menace in Syria.

There is just one problem; There never was a Khorasan terror group. Read All About It

Flowers in Alder St neighborhood

The Real Terrorists have been here in the U.S. for decades

The Koch brothers have done more to negatively affect America and undermine our democracy than all the worlds terrorists combined. Sound extreme? Much more about the Koch takeover of our government is exposed and published in Rolling Stone. John Birch Society, Libertarian Party, Tea Party, Republican Party? All part of their family manifesto.

Rose and bud in our neighborhood
Have You Been Manipulated?

Read this article about the recent media attacks against Neil deGrasse Tyson and see how people can be easily directed away from issues by attacking the messenger.  

Why Don’t People Know About These Things?

Many people do know. But there are also many people who will never know because they will watch Fox News and not realize it is not news, Fox news actors mostly call Democrats childish names and rarely address actual issues.

How is that possible? Here, let John Cleese explain;

Speaking Of Reading

Elizabeth Warren’s bookA Fighting Chance” was on the ‘new’ books shelf at the Redding library when I was there on Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised that it was available and brought it home, along with a few others to read this week, (including HRC).

Sunset at the Treehouse

Today I sat on the balcony and began reading “A Fighting Chance”. I guarantee that if you read her prologue, you will be compelled like me to read the rest of the book.

I look forward to reading the new book about Hillary Clinton at the same time. The two together should make for a good read.

Ain’t That The Truth

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