Friday, October 3, 2014

Whiter Whites

Brighter Colors

Eye 3.jpg
Here’s looking at you, kid

On Tuesday I had cataract removal surgery just 4 months after Dr. Rinkoff performed macular hole repairs in my right eye. 

It is amazing and eye opening to have received these highly intricate and modern technical procedures. Medicine and the skilled surgeons that perform these once thought impossible operations have made quantum leaps in the last decade. I got to experience these medical marvels first hand. Life is good.

Yellow Haze.jpg
Yellow rose in hazy sunlight

I didn’t know my vision was so dull until I began comparing my regular old left eye vision to the vision of the right eye with the newly implanted lens. Makes me want to get some windex and clean that dirty film off of the left window to my soul.

Pie 1.jpg
After surgery, I made a pie

Surgery went smoothly, thank you Doctor Lin.

A nurse/attendant/caregiver gave me cookies and coffee in the recovery room. It’s a tossup when it comes to the titles for the surgical department staff. The satisfaction questionnaire lists the staff as my caregivers. “Were your caregivers courteous, helpful, kind, trustworthy, etc.?”

I had a good time and everyone was nice to me. They even laughed at most of my jokes.

 Purple Tinted Flowers email size.jpg
The purple shamrock on my balcony is happy

Sandi drove me to the surgery center and was there to drive me home. Thank you Sandi.

After I got home I ate some fresh fruit, nuts and organic cereal. It felt good to eat. The strawberries were deep red, blueberries were indigo blue, and the organic milk was...well, milky white. Once I was suitably fortified, I made an apple pie.

Flicker digs for bugs

Seeing with renewed clarity, color and white whites is wonderful. I didn’t know how much vision I was missing. It’s a bright, colorful, complex, beautiful world.

Today’s Video;

It Was A Breeze

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