Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Look At Connectivity

An Inclusive Perspective

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Rose and pyracantha

If I were to get my news and information in the habitual manner of most Americans, I would have the opinion that The Common Core State Standards is bad for our education system. At least that is how the mainstream media portrays it.

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October highlights

Fortunately I enjoy the vast selection of information sources afforded to me as an average American in the 21st century. Still, even I had not seen any positive reports about Common Core until now. HERE, if you care to be informed.

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“The Common Core State Standards represent an important step toward closing achievement gaps and opening the door to higher-paying STEM fields for millions of girls.”

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Who’da thunk It?

The oceans play as important a role as the atmosphere in creating our climate conditions. Really. Scientists felt there was a sufficient lack of understanding the relativity between ocean and sky on planet earth among the general populous.

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Tuesday night

Rutgers University Academics  recently examined Atlantic/Pacific deep ocean current links as reported in Ocean temperature alarm call. They measured ocean currents and chemistry from the present and over time as far back as 3 million years in samples of ocean sediments. They submitted their results to Science Magazine

You can read their abstract HERE

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As we get closer to the midterm elections, the republican candidates are getting nervous. Forgetting their memorized talking points, they stammer, stutter, and then just start making stuff up. It is amazing how uninformed they really are.

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It would be funny except that the “journalists” who are conducting the interviews are too dumb to know they are being lied to. I just hope that voters are smart enough to vote for democrats. We shall know next week.

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