Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beautiful Surroundings

Awake The Joyful Heart

Streetview 1.jpg
Lake street view

Shasta 1.jpg
Mount Shasta

A post surgery appointment with Dr. Rinkoff brought me to one of my favorite towns. They call it a city, but I sincerely hope it never actually becomes a city. That would be a tragedy.

Antique Shop.jpg
View antiques from the waiting room

My eye has healed nicely. I have gone from legally blind to relatively good vision in my right eye. That certainly makes life a little brighter.

Mossy Tree Crotch .jpg
Tree between clinic and antiques house

I stopped at one of my favorite photo viewpoints on the side of the road where on and off ramps provide entrance to and exit from Southbound I-5. It was a spectacular day. Shasta had received a fresh cap of snow the night before.

Shasta 11.jpg
Magical Mount Shasta

Shasta 6.jpg
Closeup of Shastina

“The mountain consists of four overlapping volcanic cones which have built a complex shape, including the main summit and the prominent satellite cone of 12,330 ft (3,760 m) Shastina, which has a visibly conical form. If Shastina were a separate mountain, it would rank as the fourth-highest peak of the Cascade Range (after Mount Rainier, Rainier's Liberty Cap, and Mount Shasta itself).[4]- Wikipedia

Shasta 13.jpg
Last look before returning south to Redding

I have often thought about how it would be to live in the town of Mount Shasta. Even today is is still populated with dreamers, seekers, crackpots and adventurers that I would be happy to call my neighbors, but fate directed me to Redding where I am happy to be surrounded by a wonderful variety of friends and neighbors.

If I wish to enjoy Mt Shasta, I can see it from here, or drive an hour up the road and be there. One of these days, I would like to ride the train from Redding to Shasta and back taking pictures and video.

Raley's Pkng Lot Lassen.jpg
Mount Lassen from Raley’s parking lot

After I got back, I went to the store to get blueberries and saw our other famous volcanic mountain glowing in the last of the sunlight. I am a fortunate man.

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