Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Very Good Plan

Nature Needs Half

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Bob bob bobbin’ along

Margaret Miller asked me to help find a report she wanted to site for an entry in her blog. It had to do with leaving half the planet to nature. We would use half and let nature have the other half. According to the science and research, if we do this, we humans might survive in the future.

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New rose with arms unfurled

The more I searched, the more interesting the concept became to me. I had no idea how many articles and further research papers were finding the 50/50 concept to be a recipe for saving life on earth, including our own.

“A notable early proponent of a Nature Needs Half approach is the famed Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson, who in his book The Future of Life (2002) proclaimed “half the world for humanity, half for the rest of life, to make a planet both self-sustaining and pleasant” [4].  This statement emanates from the many years of research by conservation biologists who have been examining the question of how much land is needed to ensure the maintenance of biodiversity.” - Nature Needs Half

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What glorious colors

Fascinating concept. Count me in. I have seen industry and the damages done. We should make ourselves live in the wastelands caused by fracking and mining and give the least ruined land back to nature. It is only fair, and the better nature recovers from our reckless ravaging, the greater the chances for our survival.

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What light through yon petals breaks?

Scary things Americans should fear;

6,670 people die everyday in the U.S.
87 died today from firearms … where is the fear of guns?
2,253 people died today from heart disease 
92 people died today in car wrecks

0 people died today in the USA from ebola

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See the woodpecker?

If you are afraid of ebola, terrorists coming over the border, the government coming to take your guns away or Khorasan terrorists flying to America with exploding clothing, you need to shut off your televisions, radios, and cancel your newspaper and magazine subscriptions. None of those things are true.

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Blooming on the ground

Vote for Democrats on your ballot. They represent all Americans.

If you are in California vote NO on Prop 1, it gives 7 billion dollars away in exchange for redirecting our water to off river reservoirs and if it works will produce a 1% increase in supply. (Moving industrial beef factories out of the state will produce 20% more water and cost taxpayers nothing.)

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Young driveway red

There are no Republicans supporting you, your family, or America (Those puppets actually shut down our government and plan to do it again if they can’t hurt poor people and help the rich) Please read the Congressional Record and try to understand the content of what they want legislated if you think this can’t be true. Don’t vote for those corporately owned and operated Republican toadies.

Today’s Video;

Love Your Neighbors

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Margaret Miller said...

Looks good and good info here.
Looks like one can plan a movie event, say the Sierra Club or some such and have it shown. I'm not sure as I didn't set up an account. Possible to bring the film to Redding. What do you think?

I like the 50/50 plan, as you know.