Thursday, October 9, 2014

In And Out Of The Light

And Of The Shadows, Too

Colors Arrive.jpg
Fall colors begin to appear

I sometimes forget that there are registered voters who know nothing about the content of legislation, or the voting records and qualifications of the people they will be voting for or against. Such reckless and thoughtless disregard for the governance and management of our lives is just too alien a concept for me to imagine. Yet, it is true.

Blood Moon Rising.jpg  
We had a full moonrise for 2 nights

Then there are those people with agencies who want to start or defund projects that they know nothing about. There is a faction of ignorant people who want to build an extension on top of Shasta Dam to raise the dam. It is a bong hit dream that has been wafting around each time we have a drought.

BM Rising 3.jpg
Blood moon rising

Not one of the proponents know a thing about dam building, stresses, or water dynamics. How can they take themselves seriously?

Anyone who has entertained the thought that this ill-planned proposal can be successfully accomplished hasn’t seen the Bureau of Reclamation Shasta Dam presentation or taken the tour inside Shasta Dam. If they had they would know among other pertinent facts that the concrete deep inside the dam is not fully cured, and will remain wet and curing for at least another 300 years.

Moonrise 8th 2.jpg
Later this will be covered by Earth’s shadow

Shasta Dam will not support the weight of another structure stuck on top, even when it does fully cure. It was not designed to be a pedestal, it is designed to be that dam on that spot for the next 1,500 - 3,000 years, (at least).  

Sterling Rose 2.jpg
The Sterling rose bloomed again

Meanwhile In the real world;

What a surprise I had when I happened to look down at the handful of leaves and thorny stems that the Sterling rose has become in the past 2 years. It had budded and I had missed it, though I walk past that spot everyday.

I suppose I could blame my recent eye surgeries or the fact that the ‘rose bush’ is only 3 inches tall. I am glad I got a picture of it anyway.

Glass Door Selfie.jpg
Glass door assisted selfie reflection

In the interest of smart blog-posting, I think thats enough information to chew on tonight. I will attempt to restrain myself from adding more, except for…

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