Sunday, September 28, 2014

Let's Try Something New

At Least, Different
Head Bumps Little Lizard
I noticed something in Margaret Miller's new blog that I want to use in mine.

Her pictures when clicked would embiggen, (get larger). and were displayed on a separate page with a black background.

Clearly that is something I want to happen with my pictures. That way I can change my format from simply putting large images on the page, like a giant slide show, I will be able to organize story and images with more interaction.

Like tonight's introspective look 
Delicate Cuties
at a major turnabout that took place in my magical life of entitled circumstance.

I was treated like a prince from the very start. Given a genius intellect with an insatiable appetite for information, I was served a banquet of books and a fine tuned sensory apparatus to observe, enjoy and analyze the world I live in.

For most of my young life, breakfast lunch dinner and snacks just appeared as needed. In fact, I had no need to do anything that would divert my time from developing my mind. I don't recall using a washing machine until I was in my 30's, and that was because it was part of a personal experiment in living like a regular person.

Snow on Lassen
I even cooked a meal or two on special occasions for my girlfriend and her son.  I think they liked the thoughtful intention, but preferred that Jan do the cooking thank you.

It was during that time I shared the laundry duties by carrying the basket into the laundromat until we got a new dryer at the house.

I find it embarrassing to realize that I never even thought of participating in cleaning, cooking or any household chores besides hooking the TV up to the stereo so it would sound better. People had been waiting on me all my life. I never questioned that dynamic or considered it unusual.

I didn't learn how to cook and share household responsibilities until my 3rd marriage. I could always do a backyard barbeque or concoct campfire meals when camping, but that wasn't really cooking.

More cuties in the evening sun
It seemed like a natural progression to developing basic household management when I lived and loved with the woman I expected to spend the rest of my life with.

With Chrissy I learned to cook, clean, do laundry, and enjoyed every moment we shared in our 16 years together.

I get discombobulated and teary eyed writing about her though it will be 9 years in November since her life ended in the middle of Carmel Valley road after being run over by a teenage driver in an SUV. Though I think I have mellowed a bit since then, visiting that memory still stings.

Red Hots

  While living in Redding on my own for 7 years, along with 63 other people at the Treehouse Senior Apartments, I have made some changes in my person.

I have used my time to develop restorative routines in my daily life. Paying close attention to what I put on or in my body has made me healthier year by year.

I no longer eat in restaurants, (fine dining or drive through), unless I am traveling. If you regularly read the posts on this blog, you know how picky I am about food being really food that serves my nutritional needs. Even my pie and ice cream has to be made with real food ingredients. This picky-ness is paying off. I am healthy and happy.

The biggest attitude change I embrace now, is preferring to serve rather than being served. I am much more comfortable doing nice things that generate a smile and a moment of happiness, than thoughtlessly ordering people to attend to my needs.

And Now.. Today's Video;

Treehouse Clouds Very Short Timelapse from Phil Seymour on Vimeo.

Approaching Maturity

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