Monday, April 19, 2010

It Was Good

Outside Sunday

Radio and TV towers on top of Shasta Bally 4/18/10

Shasta Bally
is a mountain summit in Shasta County in the state of California. Shasta Bally climbs to 6,175 feet (1,882.14 meters) above sea level.

This mountain is
in most of the sunset pictures taken from my apartment. When I look West, I see Shasta Bally. When I look East, I see Mount Lassen. Looking North, I have a view of Mount Shasta. To the South, and down the hill, is the city of Redding and the Sacramento river. I love this place.

It was a beautiful,
warm, and sunny day, here in Redding. I got out of the apartment and made my way toward Whiskeytown Lake. In conjunction with the National Parks being free of charge, the National Recreation Area had free admission as well. (The admission is only 5 bucks, but 'free' seems like a big deal)

Whiskeytown Lake with Shasta Bally in the distance.

Happy Phil, enjoying the local wonders. 4/18/10

It was warm today
, (in the 80's), but for some reason, I didn't wear a hat. That is significant because after about 20 minutes in the sun, I felt faint and shaky, or maybe I was just hungry. Actually the hat helps to shade the LCD display on the camera, as well as keeping the hot sun off my head. Note to self; "Hat, good".

Rock Creek from Iron Mountain Road. 4/18/10

I wonder why they call it Rock Creek?

The rushing water
was loud from where I stood on the bridge taking pictures.

My shadow on the rock.

I used the Lumix
TZ1 for todays pictures. Taking full advantage of the 10x optical zoom, as you can see demonstrated in these two shots of my shadow.

Close up, you can see through the water. 4/18/10

The blue flower attracts a butterfly. 4/18/10

A bug in the pentagon. 4/18/10

It felt good to get out an enjoy the rugged wonders of my surroundings.

Lassen Peak towering over Redding. 4/18/10

On the road
back from Whiskeytown Lake, there were some spectacular views of Mount Lassen. I especially enjoy this drive because the Sunset Marketplace is on it. I was compelled to stop in at their bakery and get a mini cream puff.

It was a great day to be out and about in this glorious country.

I am glad I can share it with you on this blog.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Roll Over Beethoven - (Young) Leon Russel

What A World

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