Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Best Things In Life


A bug gets a free drink of water. 4/14/10

Beauty is free for all to enjoy. 4/14/10

National parks admissions are free April 17 - 22.

This evening was free of rain. 4/14/10

Information is free.
I can open my eyes and see what is around me.
I can open my heart and feel the love that heals me.
I can open a book from the library and read for free.
I can open my laptop and roam the universe.

I read an article
last night about pillows.
It said our pillows should be discarded after 18 months, because they become contaminated with fungus and dust mites, among other things. Feather pillows are better than foam, the article said, because feather pillows are not as susceptible to mold and fungus.
The article creep'ed me out!

New feather pillow. 4/14/10

I went to Shopko today and bought a feather pillow. I look forward to a whole new sleep experience, free of bugs, bacteria, and fungal spores. I just got a chill and a shudder from writing about this. Bleh! I am not sure how many years I have had my old pillow. At least 10!

The flowers just get more and more picturesque. 4/14/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
I'll See You In My Dreams - Doris Day

Smiles Are Free

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