Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Around Here


Lassen from the Treehouse parking lot. 4/6/10

Today the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly upon my surroundings.

I didn't realize
what a beautiful day it was until John asked me to come to the violin shop to take a few pictures.

Violin with a coat of John's secret sauce. 4/6/10

We took pictures from various angles, and lighting, to capture the qualities that John's latest 'secret sauce' brought forth from the spirit of the wood.

While I was there, the UPS guy delivered a package of bow hair from China. John explained to me, the process and selection that goes into quality horse hair for bows. I found out that one did not want hair from mares tails because they pee on their tail. That changes the structure of the hairs surface and adversely affects the mechanics involved in producing sound when the hair is drawn across the string of the instrument.

Hair, hair now. Deluxe Dragon Stallion bow hair. 4/6/10


Mount Shasta at 6 PM. 4/6/10

I just knew that a quick drive up to Shasta Lake before sunset would give the Lumix TZ1 something to focus on. It was a singularly spectacular spectacle that awaited any and all who were lucky enough to be there today.

Sunshine by the lake brightens my day. 4/6/10

I love this place.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Tuesday Afternoon - Moody Blues


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