Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spinning Around

Saturn's moon, Mimas. (image - Cassini spacecraft)

Close up of craters edge.

See amazing pictures of Mimas, HERE.

Death Star, or Pac Man?

What an awe inspiring time we live in. Galileo Galilei would be thrilled with the millions of images we can see from the comfort of home.


Thanks to Jo Anna for sending me this.

Global Hawk

NASA is preparing to fly earthly missions with this plane.

The Global Hawk
can fly at 65,000 feet for 30 hours at a time.

The pilots of these planes can get up and go to the bathroom, grab a sandwich from the fridge, and hand the controls over to someone else while they go home and get some sleep. This is because the pilots fly the plane from on the ground. The plane contains cameras and scientific instruments for NASA Earth Science missions.

Questionable Quiche

Crazy Chef quiche.

Every now and then, I will buy a discontinued item because the price is appealing. So it was the other day when I was at Raley's, and I spied a $4 quiche in the frozen foods section. It certainly had the right, natural ingredients, so I brought it home to try.

I should have known it was past being fresh, when I took it out of the package and it was covered in ice crystals, and the filling had pulled away from the crust around the edges. I was hungry and curious, so I went ahead and stuck it in the oven,

Note that my baking sheet is also a pizza pan. (dual purpose)

I probably could have figured out that it had lost most of it's moisture, somehow, but I forged ahead, hoping it would miraculously re-hydrate. I served it up and put it to the taste test.

The tomato slices
didn't make it. They tasted more like fish. The olives managed to survive and still tasted like olives. The crust tasted like Christmas cookies with out the sprinkles, (I kind of liked that), and the quiche itself did not inspire a second helping.

I still think I would like to try a fresh one of these, and I will keep a lookout in the frozen food sections of the markets I frequent, just in case a newly stocked Crazy Chef quiche appears.

The E-book For iPads

Everything is moving along as it should.
See this page, large and downloadable, HERE.

Step by step, the iPad, e-book is coming together. I was watching a video about using, 'pages', on the iPad. Pages is part of the iWork software I recently got for my design and home office needs. It was nice to see that. I am compiling the e-book about the viola that John is making, with iWork, so this means there should be a smooth path of compatibility to get it to work on the iPad.

The iPad has all these enjoyable and useful features.

You can see
how iPad presents photos, you tube, iBooks, pages and more, VIDEO.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Peter Gunn Theme - Henry Mancini

Life Is Good

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