Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There's Always Room For

Further Enlightenment

A pollinator does it's job in a small flower. 4/1/10

The last few days, I took a lot of pictures during breaks in the weather.

A butterfly flutters from flower to flower. 4/1/10

One of those great picture days was April first.

Plane above the Treehouse Senior Apartments. 4/1/10

The second hand Lumix TZ1 captured just about anything I pointed it at.

Family Circus?

A visiting family finds new use for Sundial Bridge. 4/1/10


Graphic designer/producer Phil. 4/4/10

I spent part of Easter preparing LMP Trio CD's to send to Marian. We have an impressive body of work on disks. A recent note from Marian, indicated that she and Leona are looking forward to recording CD #17, soon. I look forward to that, too.

Stuart and Sandi's granddaughter. 4/4/10

I had Easter dinner at the Taylor's. Sandi's daughter and grand children were there, so I had an opportunity to take a few 'kid' pictures. I couldn't help but remember the 'Seymour family Easter pictures'. I think it was the only time we would wear the clothes that we would put on for the picture. My sister might have some of those photographs. I will have to ask if she could scan a couple and email them to me.

Easter In Iraq

My brother, Jerry on Easter Sunday. 4/4/10

Jerry, sent me a bunch of pictures from his Easter day. He said it got dark early Sunday, due to a storm of dust and muddy rain that blocked out the sun. The cradle of civilization isn't Eden anymore.

Above It All

The shuttle heads for the space station. 4/5/10

The space station will have 13 people on board once the shuttle docks. 8 Americans, 3 Russians, and 2 Japanese all working together in orbit.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
April Love - Pat Boone

Love Springs Eternal

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