Friday, April 16, 2010

Polishing Up My

Friday Night Reflections

Prettier, and prettier, grow the flowers. 4/16/10

I got an email
from Marian, in response to my post about replacing my 10 year old pillow;

Dear Phil,
I grew up with feather pillows and my mother washed them every now and then. Foam pillows may be washed in the washer and dried as well. I'm not sure how often is necessary. Those bugs and fungus are really going to miss you!

I must admit, that I have been sleeping better, and dreaming lot's of great dreams, since I got this new feather pillow.

Beautiful colors in Dorothy's iris patch. 4/16/10

Each day,
new flowers bloom in the garden behind 'A' building, here at the Treehouse apartments. Just when I think they couldn't get any prettier, "poof", another new beauty unfolds it's attractive petals. I wasn't expecting more flower pictures today. Earlier, around 2 0'clock, I made some new note cards with the stunning images from yesterday evening, thinking that they were among the best flower pictures ever, until I saw the pictures I took today.

I finished printing
the cards I had designed around 5:30, and I headed out to the Kool April Nights, cruise.

Ready To Cruise

Hundreds of hot rods line up at the start. 4/16/10

I found a parking spot
close to the Hilltop overpass, walked a short way onto the bridge/overpass to a good photo vantage point, and watched the 'people parade' before the car parade. People were walking from one side of the bridge to the other. Those who parked to the north, walked across to the south side to watch the parade. Those who parked on the south side of the bridge, hauled their kids and folding chairs to the north side.

The young
of the species were engaged in spring mating rituals, strutting their stuff, and displaying plumage and piercings, while waiting for the 'cruise' to begin.

At last
, the older birds came roaring across the bridge, showing off their beautiful, shiny pebbles.

A stirring time was had by all.

I took about 120
pictures in the 30 minutes I spent on the overpass, and the cars still kept coming. I left before it was over, but I am going to the car show tomorrow, at the convention center. I plan to take some 'artistic' pictures, under controlled conditions, to see just how much I can get the Lumix TZ1 to do.

I will post
the best 50, or so, pictures of the cars, (including today's parade), on my Picasa albums website after I get through editing them. That way, you will be able to see them large, and in high resolution, should you wish to. You will see a link soon, when they are ready for viewing.

I love this stuff.

More Flowers!

An iris catches the last ray of sunshine. 4/16/10

I took flower pictures twice today! Once before the parade, and then when I got home, I looked at the garden and saw one beam of sunlight shining on this one blossom, and I couldn't resist.

What a beautiful place.

I really am fortunate to be here.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Little Deuce Coupe - Beach Boys


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