Friday, April 9, 2010

A Good Old Digital Day

Flowers At The Treehouse

Iris in Dorothy's garden. 4/9/10

It's a beautiful spring
, here in Redding.

We have been getting showers and sunshine on a regular spring like basis.

Today was more sun.

Tulip in Dorothy's garden. 4/9/10

Just a few minutes ago, as I was eating dinner, I was reminded that mashed potatoes and peas go together like chocolate chips and cookie dough. With that thought, I recalled that the last time I was down in Richmond, Marian and Leona served mashed potatoes and peas with dinner, and Marian liked mixing peas in her potatoes too. Cool.

Free Lunch
Dessert display at Hilltop Estates free lunch. 4/8/10

The Phil Seymour Trio played at the Hilltop Estates on Thursday. They had 5 visiting chefs who prepared a luncheon for all who wished to attend. We played after lunch.

I wasn't planning to eat anything, but when a nice lady came over to where Mark, John, and I were sitting, and said they had prime rib and mashed potatoes, all three of us decided to eat.

John and Mark watch as the chefs are introduced.

We enjoyed the lunch and dessert. I had a flaming banana and ice cream thing. It was good. I think John had the same.

Mark went on
up to the dessert table and returned with a variety of items.

We performed for a nice, appreciative bunch of people, many of whom heard us the last time we played there. It was fun.

Golf Is Interesting Again

Screen shot from 4/9/10

I was reading
a sports story on the internet today, and it mentioned that Tiger Woods was playing at the Masters. The article had a link to, and when I clicked on it I got live coverage of the Masters, right on my Macbook. It was great.

One can follow
the featured group, (Tiger), or there were other options like the 15th and 16th holes had continuous coverage as well as Amen Corner. You could watch interviews, or Masters extras, all without commercials.

You could watch 5 screens at once, or, like I did, just follow the group that Tiger was in. There were different sets of announcers for each screen, and, I may have mentioned this before, no commercials. They did not cut away from the group, ever.

The coverage
was in high definition, so when I hooked up the HDTV, the picture was spectacular. What fun.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Good Day by Phil Seymour

Life Is Good

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