Friday, April 23, 2010

Life Is Good

Colorful Day

By the library parking lot. 4/22/10

When I was at the library, yesterday, I took a few pictures of row, after purple row of foliage. The wide shots were okay, but what I liked best was this close up.


When I got back from the store, where I got a banana for my cereal, I was attracted to Dorothy's garden, by a splash of yellow. There was one yellow iris blooming. Once I took a few pictures of the yellow iris, I noticed some other new colors that had popped up overnight.

I also noticed
that Lassen was looking photogenic, so I snapped a couple of shots from the parking lot before I went in to eat my Optimum Slim, organic, Natures Path cereal, (with banana).

11:15 AM

From the Treehouse apartments parking lot. 4/23/10

I had a 2:00 dentist appointment, so I was back out in the world for awhile in the afternoon. The news wasn't good for my Medicare/Medi-Cal coverage, so I guess I will have to get out and campaign for an American Dental Care program. A healthy, smiling America, for everybody, (even republicans). We can pay for it with the billions of dollars we are wasting trying to catch Bin Laden.

3:15 PM

From the parking lot. 4/23/10

When I got back
from the dentist, I noticed that Lassen looked even more distinctive, so I snapped a few more pictures.

7:15 PM
From my balcony. 4/23/10

Around 7:15,
I went out and lowered the umbrella. When I did, I saw a jet passing close to the area of sky where the moon happened to be. I went in, got my camera, came out and snapped a shot before it passed by. There was only one chance, because the jet was really moving. It's not quite as focused as I might ultimately wish, but I don't get a shot like this everyday.

Good One

From my balcony. 4/23/10

While I was there, I took a few more shots of the moon.


From my balcony 4/23/10

More jets came
streaking across the sky, just moments after the moon/jet combination image. They had to be at least 30,000 feet high, but the Lumix TZ1 managed to bring in a few great images.


From my balcony 4/23/10

I may have to try some more moon shots later when it is dark.

It was a colorful day that I fully appreciated. Like the Daily Word implied; "Life is the greatest miracle of all".

The Earth Day events
continue through the weekend, and I hope to attend at least one. I am thinking the one with live music by city hall, and the sculpture garden.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
It's A Lovely Day - Donald O'Connor

Eternal Thanks

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