Sunday, March 28, 2010

Better Than A Bar Code

Nanotube Electronic Ink

Researchers from Sunchon National University in Suncheon, South Korea, and Rice University in Houston have built a radio frequency identification tag that can be printed directly onto cereal boxes and potato chip bags. The tag uses ink laced with carbon nanotubes to print electronics on paper or plastic that could instantly transmit information about a cart full of groceries.

“You could run your cart by a detector and it tells you instantly what’s in the cart,” says James M. Tour of Rice University, whose research group invented the ink. “No more lines, you just walk out with your stuff.”

Read More, HERE.


Houston as seen from the international space station. (NASA)

Can you see my sisters house?

Buffalo Speedway?

The Humble building?

Closer look. See this more detailed image, HERE.

I am not sure
where to look. I haven't lived there since 1966. I am guessing that a few things may have changed.

Easter Egg

Taken from the space station, August 8, 2001.

You can see
these and more fascinating pictures of Earth from space, HERE.

The moon picture
is a little better than my pictures from Earth that I have taken with my second hand camera. I wonder how my camera would do from the space station?

Venus and Mercury

Between March 28
and April 12, Mercury will be within 5 degrees of Venus (your clenched fist held at arm's length measures approximately 10 degrees).
Look for these celestial bodies to appear in the western sky around sunset.

Full story, HERE.

Bare Body, Again

Viola is prepared for varnishing.

John took off
the strings, bridge, tail piece, chin rest, fingerboard, and pulled the pegs from the viola. Now it is time for the varnish.

Like an Alchemist, John will mix various substances to create a finish that not only brings out the color and nature of the wood, but also has the appropriate elasticity to produce beautiful music from the resonating viola.

Happy Phil

Jay took this picture at Lulu's, 3/18/10.

Every once
in a while, I see a picture of me that shows the joy that I get from music. This is one of those.

I sure enjoy playing, singing, and feeling music.

The band will be playing at the Hilltop Estates on the 8th of April. They are having a free lunch and dessert display. Five, award winning chefs who specialize in display cooking and sugar free desserts will be presenting their creations to the public at 12:30 PM, followed by entertainment from the Phil Seymour Trio. I think we might show up early to try some display food.

In My Email

I got this today, from my sister. Thank you Sue.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Papa Loves Mambo - Perry Como

Laugh A Lot

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