Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Had No Idea

Is This True?

Intrepid, investigator Phil diligently digging up facts.

After reading an article about, "spinning the WMD fiction to help sell Karl Rove's latest book", at Mother Jones, a reader posted a comment that railed against the George Bush bunch, and the invasion of Iraq. I had to investigate some of the claims and assertions to confirm their validity. Here is a paragraph I chose from those comments;

"We have polluted that entire country with tons of deadly depleted uranium (DU) microscopic dust, which will be deadly for the next four (billion) plus years. The birth defects in Iraq now are near 35%, over one out of three babies are born with very serious medical problems, no eyes, half a brain, intestines outside of their body, no arms or legs, etc. For what? Are we in America safer now, did we get even for 9-11, did we destroy the WMDs Saddam has stashed away, did we get Osama bin Laden? Oh, forgot, he was in Afganastan or Pakistan."

Well, I Googled, "depleted uranium dust in Iraq" , there were thousands of pictures, videos, and articles that graphically describe what we are doing to the countries, (and our soldiers), where we use this deadly material in bombs, missiles, and bullets. You can use Google to look this stuff up if you want to, but it is one giant wave of sadness that I don't recommend surfing. Just know that the allegations of disease and birth defects resulting from our depleted uranium ordinance, are true, and will continue to poison the people of Iraq, and Afghanistan, for centuries.

I did learn
that Kuwait made us clean up 6,700 tons of sand, after the Gulf War, by scraping it up and shipping it to a global nuclear waste disposal site in Idaho! (Potatoes that cook themselves coming soon to a supermarket near you?)

The Camera

Flowers bloom in Dorothy's garden. 3/16/10

I continue to be amazed and delighted with the second hand camera I got a couple of months ago. Dorothy's flowers are popping up and blooming for their close-ups, daily.

The Viola E-Book

Page from "Kindling to Concert" E-Book. 3/17/10

The picture
on the lower left, ( with the reflection ), is actually a short movie clip that the iPad reader can 'tap' to activate while reading the book.

The project is coming along nicely and I am close to deciding on a final layout and fonts.

The New LMP Trio CD

The cover for the newest LMP Trio CD. 3/17/10

I have been
trimming down the number of songs that will be on the new CD, and now it contains 30 enjoyable songs for our LMP Trio fans.

This is our 16th CD. We have recorded nearly 400 songs so far, and there are a lot more great tunes we haven't played yet.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Candy by The LMP Trio


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