Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Trust Experience

Viola Bass Bar

Gluing the bass bar to the inside of viola top plate. 3/2/10

I am learning
a lot of things about violin type instruments that are extremely important to the sound and structure, but which I knew nothing about. Today it was the bass bar.

According to some
sources I have read, the bass bar allows the maker to restore and re-tune the plate to the original resonance before the "F" holes were cut. The bass bar is glued under where the bass string side of the bridge sets upon the top plate. The sound post sits under the treble string side of the bridge. This is just one of hundreds of bits and pieces of information I now know about violin construction, design, science, sound and craftsmanship since I have been preparing the E-book, "From Kindling To Concert".

Even after the E-book is finished, and I have assimilated all the steps and procedures involved with making a viola, or violin, I couldn't even come close to actually making and instrument as fine as those made by John Harrison. He not only has the aptitude and skills required to make a violin, he has years of experience in the art of making fine instruments for professional musicians.

John measures the bass bar for trimming.

Cosmic Bat

NGC 1788, "Cosmic Bat", image from ESO

Stargazers all over the world are familiar with

the distinctive profile of the constellation of

Orion (the Hunter).

Few know about the nebula NGC 1788, a subtle, hidden treasure just a few degrees away from the bright stars in Orion’s belt.

NGC 1788 is a reflection nebula, whose gas and dust scatter the light coming from a small cluster of young stars in such a way that the tenuous glow forms a shape reminiscent of a gigantic bat spreading its wings.

Queen Behenu

CAIRO, Mar. 3, 2010 (Reuters) — Archaeologists have unearthed the intact sarcophagus of Egypt's Queen Behenu inside her 4,000-year-old burial chamber near her pyramid in Saqqara, chief archaeologist Zahi Hawass announced Wednesday.

There is relativity
between Orion and ancient Egypt. The pyramids are laid out on earth exactly as the constellation Orion appears in the heavens. The three pyramids at Giza are representative of Orion's belt. Other pyramids were built to represent the stars that make up Orion, completing the scale model of the constellation.

The Nile represents the Milky Way.

Now you know.

I love this stuff.

Happy To Share

I like this t-shirt.
I got it at the dollar store in Anderson a couple of years ago.

Today has been one of those wonderful deja vu spectaculars. It must have been sometime in the morning when events began to seem familiar, but eventually most everything, everyone, every song, conversation, location, color and sound today, were something I have visited previously in dreams, musings, meditations, and memories.

I love this extrasensory stuff. The deja vu thing has been going on since I was a child, but I never tire of feeling these magical moments.

Todays Relatively Appropriate Song;
La La by Phil Seymour


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