Monday, March 1, 2010

Leona's 90th Birthday

Saturday By The Bay

Seagull coaches the paddlers on the Bay. 2/27/10

I drove to Richmond on Friday afternoon. It was an entertaining ride with varying intensities of downpours. When I crested the hill overlooking San Pablo Bay, the sun was brilliantly blazing through a blue gash in the clouds, making visibility a challenge when combined with the spray from the mud-flap missing utility truck that preceded me on I-80 in the fast lane at 80 miles per hour.

Jay tests out the Sanyo T1060 at Lulu's. 2/27/10

Just the night before, I was singing and playing at the Thursday Blues Jam with John and Mark. We had a drummer named John, Bose on harmonica, and Jerry on the keyboard for that evenings configuration. It was fun. Jay took many pictures. If you wish, you can see them, HERE.

Bud helps Leona out of the car in front of Skates.

It was Leona's 90th birthday party on Saturday. I got in on Friday, and after dinner at Marian's house, we played music together as the LMP Trio. As usual, it was a treat and a lot of fun. Some of you may already know that Leona plays the alto sax, Marian plays piano, and I play guitar in the trio we started in 1998. I have our 16th CD in post production and it should be finished sometime in March. When I can't go to Richmond to play, Bud takes my place on guitar. He is 91.

A waiter takes Leona's birthday luncheon order at Skates.

There was a nice turnout
for Leona's birthday luncheon. The food was very good. I had a salad, Bacon Wrapped Kobe' Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, and to complete my decadent dining experience, a chocolate pudding cake thing with a vanilla cream sauce one pours on top, plus some glazed fruit and a plop of ice cream for dessert. It was certainly a departure from my primarily organic vegetarian regimen.

A good time was had by all.

Golden Gate Bridge and Marin headlands. 2/27/10

The party
was held at a restaurant called Skates, located where University Avenue stops at the waters edge of San Francisco Bay. Inside, the walls facing the water are glass with an unobstructed view of the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as S.F. on one side and Sausalito on the other. What a grand tableau, and what an opportunity to test out some scenic images with the Lumix TZ1.

The Golden Gate Bridge. 2/27/10

I took a lot of pictures of the view. If you would like to see some more, I have them HERE.


Tulip tree at the Treehouse apartments. 2/28/10

I got back Saturday about 5:30 PM. The drive back was picturesque with Shasta in the distance, growing larger as I winged my way north on I-5. When I awoke Sunday I saw that many of the trees were now in bloom. Yay! More pictures.

Morning view from my balcony. 2/28/10

The picture above was taken at 9:30 AM, facing west from on my balcony. Note the tulip tree in the lower left corner. It's the one I used for the previous picture.

It's good to be back here in Redding.

"Balloon Ride", original painting by George Bleich.

I really enjoy having the picture that George painted for Chrissy one evening at his house in Pebble Beach. The painting hangs on the wall above the TV in my living room to brighten every day and warm even the coldest night. Thank you George.

You can see more George Bleich paintings at his website, HERE.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
I Get Around - Beach Boys


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