Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Has


Spring has sprung for this Treehouse tree. 3/20/10

So Soon?
The first day of spring arrives on varying dates (from March 19-21) in different years for two reasons: Our year is not exactly an even number of days; and Earth's slightly noncircular orbit, plus the gravitational tug of the other planets, constantly changes our planet's orientation to the sun from year to year. (LiveScience)

A Young Mans Fancy?

These clean lines make a beautiful Hot Rod. 3/20/10

The 'Classic Car Show And Shine'
took place on this first day of spring at The Hilltop Estates retirement community. I went there to get some spring pictures, (leaf springs?).

Ed, the man
who maintains the property here at the Treehouse, is a part of the group that puts on this show. I went over there about 30 minutes after it was scheduled to be over. That was apparently when I was supposed to go. Parking was easy, and there were still plenty of subjects for my camera.

My favorite crowd shot of the day. 3/20/10

The kids were
a great surprise when I got home and began examining and editing the pictures I had taken.They were down in the corner of a shot I took of the car owner, and 1st place winner of the show. I like the photo story the kids tell.

The well deserved winning car. 3/20/10

In My Email

G.I. "Rocky" the squirrel. Thanks Sue. 3/20/10

I got a bunch of 'humor in the service' pictures in an email from my sister as I was writing this post. The squirrel got my attention.

Springing Back On Topic

Cars, flowers, spring is in the air. 3/20/10

Speaking of Sue...

What a great day for an equinox. What a great word to use in scrabble. I got that word once when I was visiting my sister at her 'magic' beach house, (The beach house 'vanished' September, 2008 during hurricane Ike).

Busting Out All Over

These tulips just appeared today. 3/20/10

I hope all of you are enjoying this most even of days, and nights.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Spring - Julia Fischer

Longer Days Ahead

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