Monday, March 15, 2010

What Time Is It?

Where Did The Time Go?

Flowers in Dorothy's garden. 3/15/10

It seems like
it was just last year that I turned the clocks forward and wrote about the history of daylight savings time. HERE.

I didn't expect it to affect me, one way or another, but a funny thing happened when it was time to sleep last night; Sleep was not forthcoming.

Yesterday afternoon, or evening. 3/14/10

The 'gig'
at the Hilltop Estates was a lot of fun and they asked us to come back to play again, (That's a good sign.)

The entertainment center at Hilltop Estates. 3/13/10

It was a really nice facility. We played in the entertainment area, adjacent to the 2nd floor dining room. The people really enjoyed the Phil Seymour Trio and covered us in praise and appreciation. They have a beautiful grand piano there, and I imagine they would be thrilled to hear the LMP Trio with Marian playing it, one of these days.

John Harrison's Mustang. 3/13/10

Before we played,
John and I went to a spot to take pictures at sundown of his Mustang. We will go back again to try a little different light, and zoom, to bring out more of a match between the car and Mount Shasta.

45th anniversary edition emblem on Mustang. 3/13/10

Here In Redding

Lassen Peak on a beautiful March 3rd, 2010.

The weather
is splendid. 75 degree days and cool nights are ours to enjoy for the next week or so, and enjoy it we will. I saw just about every kind of moving vehicle carrying people around in the March sunshine today when I went to the library.

I found a couple of good detective paperbacks right here in our building "A", library last Friday night, but they were such exciting, 'page turners', that today I found I had nothing left to read. The detective books were by Earl Emerson and Robert Crais, respectively. "Yellow Dog Party", features the detective - Thomas Black, and detective - Elvis Cole inhabits "L.A. Requiem".

I had a feeling
that it would take some first rate entertaining writing to satisfy my reading appetite, so I was particularly pleased to find a new Clive Cussler at the Redding Library. His characters tend to survive broken limbs, gunshot wounds, arrows, torn parachutes and at least one plunge off a waterfall before they vanquish the villains.

Blossoms by the balcony. 3/14/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Stand By Me by Phil Seymour

Love To Sing

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