Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Color?


All of a sudden, things are turning green. 3/26/10

It is natural
to spring back to life this time of the year. Yet, even knowing that it will appear, I am always delighted and surprised at how quickly the world around me turns green.

Trees that were just white with blossoms are now green.

These days
we have co-opted 'green' to mean more earth friendly. This term now seems to raise the hackles of those who are pro-corporate. Somehow being earth conscious, has become synonymous with 'radical'. It's kind of amusing, to remember that not too long ago, 'green' was the color of money.

Shasta is white, but the hills are now green.

Have you tried
Skype? I have. Well, at least the part that is free. The computer to computer voice mail, text, and video chat are free. I visit with Garie in Carmel Valley, about once a week.

Thursday, I had a visit with my brother, Jerry. He is in Iraq.

I say that I 'visit' because that's what it feels like when you can see each other while you talk. It was easy to set up and operate on the Macbook, (Windows computers take a few days of fiddling and diddling to get it working right). If you have a Windows machine, you are probably use to problematic performance, so getting started with Skype would be no harder than anything else you do on your computer.

A happy pinwheel for the green aloe plant. 3/26/10

The tail of my Easter bunny whirlygig against the blue sky.

Green Cheese

The 10x optical zoom shows craters on the green cheese.

Speaking Of Zoom Lenses

Screen shot of some Hubble site interactive features.

One of my favorite human-made imaging devices has hit the big time. I mean iMax 3-D big time. The Hubble movie is packing them in to see the story on the really big screen. They have a site where you can do some neat interactive things with the Hubble, as well as a gallery, video's, games, downloads, and other interesting features. Check it out, HERE.

I enjoy the whirlygig and the greenery from the balcony.

The festival of spring is almost upon us. "The Teutonic dawn goddess of fertility [was] known variously as Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron and Ausos." Her name was derived from the ancient word for spring: "eastre." I wrote much more about Easter, HERE.

This morning
, a lady asked me, "Do you love Jesus?". I answered, "Sure...,I also love Buddha and all the others." She seemed a little uncertain as to what to say, so I added, "I am sure God is big enough to handle them all." She agreed, and with an uncertain smile on her face, wandered off, mumbling, "The Buddha and Jesus, oh my".

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Green Green - New Christy Minstrels


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