Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Clearer Image

Saturday Scenic Views

Balcony tree in bloom. 3/6/10

What a day.
I opened the curtains and white blossoms with new green leaves greeted me with their exuberant colors and light.

It's days like this
that get me to thinking about the gift of life. What am I doing with my gift? Are my actions making this a happier and richer experience for me and the world around me? Am I giving God a good ride in this body and mind?

Absorbing the vibrations of a good day. 3/6/10

After all, I believe that all that exists, is God. God created everything, so therefore, like like the genes passed from parent to child, there is God in every rock, molecule, flame, and starry night. I believe that what we call our soul, is a description of the piece of cosmic conciousness that resides within us. This is not a new concept for me, or for theology or philosophy.

For most of my life,
I have felt that God, or part of God, rides around in all things, experiencing this cosmic realm in as many different forms as there are different forms.

Snow capped Lassen Peak from the Treehouse. 3/6/10

When I was a teenager, I used the think that God would find it unpleasant to be riding around in some screwball religious fanatic. How disturbing it would be to have your host person moping around and abusing his, or herself with whips, chains, sackcloth, and deplorable living conditions. I can sort of appreciate the need for Yin and Yang, Up and Down, Light and Dark as part of the formula needed for motion, and to define existence. I suppose that for every person thanking God for life, there is probably a person damning God for being born. Suspension and resolution. Like striking a string to make a lovely note, or some similar example.

I make it a point to give God a good ride in me.

Lassen from Hilltop Drive. 3/6/10

I guess one of the things that got me to thinking about life and the spirit within, was an encounter I had with a guy outside of Raley's market. He was just outside the exit, with his card table, clip board, and a messy stack of papers, cajoling the grocery shoppers to sign one of his petitions. He was energetic, loud, and to my sensibilities, obnoxious.

Sounding much like
a carnival barker, he addressed me by shouting; "Are you registered to vote"? When I replied, "Yes", he waved his clipboard at me and insistently told me to sign his petition. I asked him what it was for and, with a condescending tone, he said, "It's for term limits, just sign it".

I asked if I could read the petition and he became offended. He pointed to a stack of wrinkled papers and said he had many petitions and did I want to read them all? I said sure I do. I guess he wasn't prepared for that eventuality, so he blew his stack and began yelling, "What are you, Mister know-it-all?", "Too good to sign my petition?", "Have to know everything?".

As I walked away,
he kept hollering, "There he goes. Mister Know-it-all", until some fellow shuffled up and began signing the petition without reading it.

Crows in the oak tree. 3/6/10

That encounter disturbed me
on many levels, including the fact that it disturbed me. How did that guy know that I have been called "Mr. Know-it-all" since I was 4 years old? Or, why was I even attempting to communicate with an obnoxious huckster in the first place? What was the real purpose in gathering peoples personal information? And, (this really got me thinking), how many people sign petitions without reading what they are signing? What does this say about the veracity of the signatures on all petitions?

Delicious coffee from Trader Joe's 3/6/10

All the pictures
shown here, were taken today with the Panasonic Lumix TZ1.

Along the Treehouse Apartments driveway. 3/6/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Don't Worry - Playing For Change


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