Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Tiniest Matter, Matters

Nano Reaction

Kind of looks like celery.

Light Can Bend Matter!
Researchers assembled strings of nanoparticles, which are tiny clumps of matter on the scale of nanometers (one nanometer is one billionth of a meter). In a darkened lab, the scientists linked nanoparticles together into ribbons. At first the nano ribbons were flat, but when a light was shone on them, they curled up into spirals.

Full story, HERE.

Nothing To Sneeze At
Beauty for all, stuffy nose for some. 3/24/10

I have friends who
suffer from hay fever. They will try just about anything to counteract the symptoms, and each one has a specific regimen that they follow. I sometimes mention 'cures' that I have read, or heard from allergy sufferers. Things like;
  • Eat local honey
  • Shower and wash the pollen off of you, and your hair, before you go to bed
  • Dry your bedding inside during allergy season
  • Quit smoking
But today, I read one from Consumer Reports that really made sense to me;
  • Keep a diary to help track when and where your allergy symptoms occur
I like the 'keep a diary' concept. I expect that would work to help identify the trigger for any recurring malady.


Yep, that's Sara Palin as an Anchorage, Alaska TV sportscaster in 1988. See more, HERE.

Sounding Sweet

John tests the latest adjustments. 3/24/10

The viola is sounding beautiful, and the enhanced E-book is coming along nicely.

John played it so I could hear the changes he recently made. It is dramatic how he has enhanced the clarity and resonance. I did a video clip for the E-book.

The Phil Seymour Trio rehearsed
at the shop this afternoon, and worked up a couple more songs for a return engagement at the Hilltop Estates on April 8th.

Just Read It

I am happy with the new health care reforms.

Some people
have allowed themselves to be mislead by TV 'Journalists', and republican owned newspapers, regarding the contents of the health care reform law that is now in effect. It is easy for me to see how those in opposition managed to tap into the marginally educated persons fear of what they don't understand, and turn it into simple angry slogans that allow the misinformed to feel empowered. I talked to a few of these confused and unhappy people today.

I suggested that they do what Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and the rest have not done; Read The Bill. It is available for anyone to read. You can find it HERE.

I explained
to one person today, that these TV and radio people just make things up as they rant, like tent revival preachers rewrite the Bible to suit their sermons while they preach. If people haven't read or comprehended the information, they are sitting ducks for those who would manipulate them.

People have been told it will be years before they will see any changes as a result of this legislation. Wrong! Many of the benefits were put in place the moment the bill was signed into law.

If you want to know more, or have a specific question, you can ask, HERE.

Ta Da!

The new LMP Trio CD is ready for shipping. 3/24/10

The 16th LMP Trio CD is finished. I got the artwork done last night. I like it. It feels like it should. Part of the credit should go the Apple iWork software that allowed me to do my design just as I envisioned. What I made on the screen is what the printer printed. I could focus on the art without distracting computer issues. I love this stuff.

I am really
fortunate to get to play music with these two talented ladies. Life is good.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Coquette by The LMP Trio

Music Is Good Medicine

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