Thursday, March 11, 2010

You May Ask

How Did I get Here?

Shasta in the morning 3/10/10

Sometimes I am filled with gratitude and wonder when I think about living here in Redding. The hand of fate picked me up and set me down in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I was fortunate enough to let it happen. I had been here before, but never saw this place as being Shangri-La. I just thought of it as a place to get gas, or a bite to eat when I was driving through to somewhere else. Now, I am happy to call this my home.

I get a kick out of this palm tree. 3/9/10

I was coming back
from Rite-Aid by way of Benson Drive, and as I was crossing the river, I realized there were some pictures waiting to be taken. I pulled into the parking lot for the river trail. I am glad I did.

Trees colorfully blooming by the river walk. 3/9/10

There are people
who live here in Redding, that think this is just an ugly redneck town, filled with broken dreams and little hope of prosperity. I know what that feels like. I also know that it is just as easy, takes the same amount of effort, and feels so much better, when we focus on the beauty that is in and all around us.

The path leading to the river trail. 3/9/10

My excursions
have been limited to no more than a few yards walking, recently. I am not sure what I did to aggravate my structural damages, but for the time being, I am being extra careful not to cause further discomfort. What a treat, then, to have so many displays of local color just a few steps from my car.

Trees were blooming everywhere I looked. 3/9/10

It was interesting
to watch the joggers, bike riders, and dog walkers as they passed by, wondering what on earth this man with the camera was doing, taking pictures on a cold, cloudy day.

There were hundreds of inspiring picture spots. 3/9/10

I took 173 pictures
in those few yards I covered next to the river walk parking lot. I am keeping about 150 of them. I love this stuff.

John's Violins

The violin pictures just get better and better. 3/10/10

I put a little example of the, "Viola book for an iPad", on my Macbook and showed it to John today. He understands, now. There is nothing to compare it to. I have been trying to describe how it will revolutionize the way we read a book, but it is hard to convey through words. It must be experienced. So I made a mock up of a couple of pages including a feature or two that takes this beyond the realm of e-books, or printed material. It really feels magical. This is getting good. I love this stuff.

Most of the technology
I need, already exists in programs for Apple products, it's just a matter of rounding up all the parts and assembling them into this adventure.

The viola
and the 'book' about it, will likely be completed about the same time.

Loving the 10x optical zoom. 3/10/10

Today was another great day to use the Lumix on Shasta pictures. Taking full frame pictures of Mount Shasta from the Shasta Dam road overlook is the reason I got the camera. It has only been since I have had the camera, that I have discovered how good it works for nearly all my imaging requirements.

Happy Gums

Escalating the war against gum disease. 3/9/10

The whole point
in going outside on Tuesday, was to get a waterpik.

When I was
at the dentist Monday afternoon, he recommended that I get a waterpik to help in the battle against deep pockets. We shall see.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
If It's Magic - Stevie Wonder


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