Sunday, March 7, 2010

Living Well

With What I've Got

Preventative medicine? 3/6/10

The last few nights
have ended with the beginning of a cough and scratchy throat. Luckily, I had just the thing to ward off whatever has come by to test my immune system... Chicken soup with chopped garlic. Nowadays, since Monsanto controls what most of our food eats, it is difficult to find chicken soup that works, but if one looks for it, one can still find soup made from real chickens that ate like real chickens.

It's easy. Just chop a clove of garlic, toss it into a cup, add organic, free range, chicken soup and nuke it for a minute or so. It works just like chicken soup that was made before genetically modified corn fed, factory chickens.

Sunday Morning

Reading the Sunday New York Times. 3/7/10

The chicken soup worked.
My throat feels normal and it's a beautiful day.
What a treat.

My coffee cupboard. 3/7/10

I like to begin
each day with fresh coffee. I have noticed that different beans from different countries don't just taste differently from each other, the effects vary as well. Add to that the type of roasting and blend of complimentary beans, and the possibilities are endless. What a luxury.

Almost Spring

Trees in bloom by the balcony. 3/7/10

I got a message from Gina Kronstadt yesterday. She plays violin with various symphonies and studios in L.A. I remember that she preferred to play 2nd violin because the parts were more interesting. It was good to know she is still alive and "queen of the roll-off, (fall-off)".

I wrote a couple
of songs with her in 1982. She had a nice singing voice that conveyed a sense of innocence with a dash of worldliness.

Nice Sky

Tulips against the blue sky. 3/7/10

I am not sure what I did, (or when I did it), but today my back reminded me that I must have done something in the last couple of days that isn't good for it. So, instead of going out to Whiskeytown Lake to take pictures of John's Mustang in the afternoon, or going to hear Teresa Davis sing in the evening, I have been spending the better part of this day in a prone position. I am pretty careful about body motion and I avoid activities that aggravate my structural damage, but stuff happens. I am glad I have a place to lay down and books to read. Another luxury I am thankful for.

Out Back

Daffodil's in the garden behind "A" building. 3/7/10

Here in Redding
it was a gorgeous day and I didn't have to go farther than just outside my apartment to find beautiful living works of art to photograph.

Out Front

Blossoms against the blue afternoon skies. 3/7/10

Great Laptop

Backing up with time machine to USB hard drive. 3/7/10

I have so many images on different editors, that it's time to put most of them in storage. I have a tendency to keep too much stuff in my Macbook hard drive. I had hoped to backup iPhoto and Picasa today, but there is no deadline or hurry. I can do it when it is time to do it. One more example of my charmed life.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Lazy Bones - Leon Redbone

Beauty All Around

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