Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sounds Like


Saturn's rings as imaged by the Cassini spacecraft.

Sometimes a person might forget all the cool stuff our country is doing, what with all the hubbub from cable news and right wing radio, but we are living in magical and miraculous times. Today I filled myself with beautiful sights, sounds, fascinating information, and constructive activities. What a luxury.

NASA has released some new images and information about Saturn, HERE.

I got my 2010 census form.

I guess I am supposed to wait until April 1st to fill out some of the household information, but I think it's okay to assume that my birthday and race wont be changing between now and then. I am going to fill out most of it this weekend.

Closer To Home

Iris blooms in Dorothy's garden. 3/19/10

Dorothy's garden,
behind "A" building, has come alive with new colors.

Lovely To Gaze Upon
Tulip blooms like a fan dancer. 3/19/10

I Am Surrounded

Happy Phil 3/19/10

I love this place.

I have many fun, challenging, entertaining, inspiring, projects underway all at the same time.

I am blessed.

Mount Shasta

5 o'clock PM view of Mount, and Lake Shasta. 3/19/10

I took more pictures
at John's Violin Shop today for the iPad E-book about the viola John is making. The viola is nearly ready to be varnished.

Today, John strung it up and we got to hear it for the first time. At first it sounded like a regular viola, but John made several adjustments that brought it to another level. I took pictures and video, so one will be able to see and hear the process, and the dramatic results as John coaxes the viola to life.

"It Is Alive!"

John adjusts the sound post inside the body. 3/19/10

All the pieces of the interactive book are coming together "on pace" with the viola. I am putting the pages together using a template I designed to fit this project. I am using Apple iWork software to produce this. My thinking is that the conversion to the iPad will present little difficulty, and I get to use modern graphic design and animation features.

I can convert a page to Word, but it doesn't support the really beautiful and eye-pleasing features that are part of the Apple experience. Thankfully, I am making this for the IPad and I don't have to deal with obsolete and out of date Windows stuff, like Flash.

iWork - Pages
I use this "reflection" to let you know that this is a video, and it will begin playing when you "tap" it.

When I convert it to a Word document;
No reflection.

I like the reflection
, it's a fun bit of "eye candy" to let you know the picture is a video without junking up the page with an icon, or label.

Treehouse Eye Candy

Beauty all around me here at the Treehouse. 3/19/10

The colors and the sounds of spring filled my senses, today. As you may have noticed, all the pictures that I took, were taken Friday. It was a colorful and invigorating day for me, and I am glad I can share it with you.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

The Great Raccoon Chase

Smiling Is Fun

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