Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Spend A Lot Of Time

Looking Closely

Eye've been editing images for a few hours. 2/23/10

I really enjoy this Lumix TZ1 camera that I got through E-Bay. I have been taking every kind of picture that presents itself, and the camera has responded with exceptionally satisfying images. I think I will keep it.

It certainly has
given me inspiration to try hundreds of different angles, lighting conditions, distances, camera settings, and of course editing techniques. So many of the shots I snap turn out good with this camera, that I find myself carefully editing each image. One days worth of pictures often totals over 100. Out of that 100, 90 are worth editing and examining closely.

Look Down

Look Up

Look In John's Shop

John prepares one half of Viola top for gluing.

John Harrison has
a few instruments at varying stages of creation that I am documenting, every step of the way. Tomorrow, he plans to string up the violin you see in the pictures below, (If you look closely, that violin is on the workbench behind him). He will be testing the sound and determining what adjustments to make to bring the instrument to it's full potential. I will try to capture that process with pictures, audio, and video to be used in the upcoming e-book, "From Kindling To The Concert Hall".

Fingerboard glued and clamped to new violin.

Back of new violin.

Really close look at head of new violin.

Yogurt And Eggplant Cutlets

I do enjoy looking in the freezer sections at Trader Joe's. One never knows what tasty treats are lurking there in the cold. I got these baked eggplant cutlets a couple of weeks ago, and just got around to seeing what was in the box. These delightful and microwavable breaded slices can be used in many recipes. I chose to put a few on a plate, nuked 'em for 3 min. and added a couple plops of Nancy's Organic low fat yogurt. I liked it. I have enough left in the freezer for 2 more delicious dinners.

Imsey's Coffin Comes Home

The coffin likely belongs to
pharaoh Ames
of the 21st Dynasty,
which ruled over Egypt
from 1070-945 B.C.

Customs agents in Miami
confiscated the coffin in
2008. Egypt asked for it
back in 2009.

It was first smuggled out
of Egypt in 1884.

"I stopped coffin when I quit smoking".

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel

Expanding Horizons

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