Saturday, February 20, 2010

Altogether It Was Great

Day Sun - Night Showers

9:00 AM 2/20/10

It was
a flexible plan anyway. 'Sleeping in' on a rainy Saturday morning seemed like such a delightful forecast, until the sun striping the room through the blinds, signaled the beginning of a beautiful day.

I got dressed
in summery duds and stepped out onto the balcony to check on the visibility of Mount Lassen on the distant eastern horizon. It was still shrouded in clouds and a haze was working it's way up from the valley to the south. Turning my eyes to the west was another story. The sky was a clear and brilliant blue over the bare branches of the large oak tree that stands above the rose bushes along the driveway leading to the Treehouse apartments.

Here was a chance for me to test a sunlit shot of the bare oak tree branches with the Lumix TZ1. I have several back-lit photos that I really like, but I am rarely out of bed early enough to get morning shots of that tree.

Low and behold
, if the opportunity didn't present itself to test the 10x optical zoom on a finch in one of the trees just below the balcony.

Book This Band

6:00 PM 2/20/10, finish promo pack for trio.

I wanted to complete my promo pack project over the weekend, and this sunny, cheerful day turned out to be the perfect motivator. I began with the card/table tent. I don't have the Mac iWork software suite to do my graphics, but I do have NeoOffice. It's a free Mac version of Open Office that has most of the features I need for labels, cards, etc. The only drawback is that it uses the counterintuitive methods of doing things that are part of programs that originated on Microsoft Windows, so it takes more time to create and print good quality graphics than iWork. Still, I managed to make an attractive promo package that is sure to have the band booked solid for awhile, (at least that's the plan).

I decided to try the precut Avery business cards, so I took time out to drive to Office Max for a package of the 'white, clean edge, 2 side printable business card stock'. Normally I would go to Office Depot, (I have some sort of rewards program with them), but the streets were teaming with cars of determined shoppers and the Office Depot is next to Walmart, so I decided to avoid the melee, and chose the store next to Borders where, here in Redding, there is always parking.

The cards worked out great, the CD sounds good, and the package is ready for presentation.

You can hear
the trio songs, HERE.

4:30 PM 2/20/10, clouds moving in. Ultralight flies by.

Just as I pulled into the Treehouse apartments after going to Office Max, I heard an ultralight flying nearby. Luckily I had my camera with me so I could test the 10x optical zoom on a moving object in the sky.

Rain At The Treehouse

8:30 PM 2/20/10, the rain is here.

What a terrific day.
Warm 70 degree sunshine day.
Cool 44 degree rainy night.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

When The Sun Comes Out - Barbara Striesand
I saw this on Ed Sullivan in 1963. It's still great.

It Feels Good To Feel

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