Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Picture Show

Good Days

Just for fun, a picture of my reflection.

In the screen of the MacBook while it's off.

Front Yard Fountain

I found this fountain while sightseeing the other day.

Cream Puffs

Mini cream puffs from Sunset Market Bakery.

Organic coffee from Costa Rica

I tried a different brand of coffee from Sunset Market.


Picture of coffee dripping taken with Lumix TZ1.

The Trio Playing "My Girl"
I added "vibes" later, just for fun.
My Girl w/Vibes by Phil Seymour

Here In Redding

Playing Bose's Martin by the river. (Photo - Bose Branham)

Also Here In Redding

Shasta sunset, dam, lake, mountain. 2/16/10

I have much more to share from today, the 17th, but it can wait for the next post. In the meantime...

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Dear Prudence - Beatles

Now Is Good

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