Sunday, February 21, 2010

Early To Rise


Andromeda Galaxy

I was
at the NASA/WISE site last night, and the pictures were astonishing.
Each click brought me deeper into the galaxy and exposed millions more stars.
Well worth the visit.
See the big picture, HERE.


Bright new day at the Treehouse Apartments. 2/21/10

Bands of sunlight
laid golden across my blue bedspread this morning. Once again, I knew there could be no, 'sleeping in', as I peered at the stripes of light from my space within the comforting cloud that is my bed. "This looks like another great day, here in Redding", I thought to myself with a smile. There are priceless images awaiting the journey through the Leica 10x optical zoom lens, wake up and make some coffee to smell.

Daily Bird

There was even a crow waiting to be in a picture.

Puffy white clouds
were forming from the moist air left over from last nights rainstorm. They made beautiful pictures against the backdrop of clear blue sky.

Coffee, a bowl of organic, Heritage Ancient Grain Cereal with banana slices and blueberries, and it was time to check email, do a little reading, and await further inspiration.

Interesting book about factory farming our meat and fish.

One of the books I am currently reading is titled, "Eating Animals". It's an interesting subject, and once the author gets through apologizing for every word he writes, I am sure there will be some new and enlightening information I can bring to you, on my blog.

The day beckoned
and I cooperated by creating a few justifiable reasons to be out burning fuel.
A stop at the bank ATM for a little cash and a check of my balance, then a short drive to some free entertainment.

Hidden pond behind Turtle Bay Museum.

There were even
more people out and about today than there were yesterday.

Why not? It was gorgeous outside.

At Turtle Bay
I first stopped at the echo chamber/Aggregate plant to see if I might record some echoey background voices for a couple of songs I am working on, but there was a tour group learning the history of the making of Shasta Dam. I moved on to Sundial bridge to take some pictures with designer clouds in the background. First, I took some Lumix TZ1 pictures of the hidden pond. It is the 4th camera I have used on that subject and I look forward to side by side comparisons of the pictures.

Sundial Bridge 2/21/10

The place was teaming with people, but I managed to get this one shot with just a bicyclist and a few walkers in the distance. Minutes later there were dozens of people along the rails, cyclists, strollers, and lot's of dogs on leashes, on the timepiece that spans the Sacramento river. A good time was had by all who were there.

The view west from midspan.

There were
fishermen fishing, dogs a fetching, and snow capped mountains in the distance.

Dorothy's Garden Awakens

First Lumix pictures of Dorothy's flowers. 2/21/10

When I got back from my photo adventure, I noticed some flowers had popped up behind building A. I just happened to have the new/used camera with me, so I took a few shots.
They look great. I will put them up on my Picasa Web Albums site once I have had a chance to edit and play with them awhile.

That's all I have for you, today. I was going to write about the new law that allows concealed firearms in National Parks and Recreation Areas, and how weird and wrong that is on so many levels, but it has been too nice of a day.

Still, I wonder
about the sanity of people who are so filled with fear, that they have to have a concealed weapon to go for a hike!

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

That's All - Ricky Nelson

Comfort And Joy

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