Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunshine and...

Blues Guy (Blue Sky)

Gail takes my picture with the Sanyo T1060 2/9/10

I used the Lumix TZ1 to catch the reflections on the lake.

The lake is 64' from reaching the crest, more rain is on the way, today was sunny and all is well in the half full part of my glass.

I met a nice couple
, Herb and Gail, who found this day to be perfect for a ride. They rode up to the dam overlook to enjoy the view. While we were waiting for the clouds to disperse over Mount Shasta, they agreed to be photographed, and were willing to be part of today's tableau of blue skies and free spirits.

So Nice To Be Outside

Thanks to Herb and Gail for this illustration. 2/9/10

Point Of Origin

Newborn violin and the woodpile it came from. 2/9/10

I stopped in at John's violin shop to take a few more pictures, and to check the colors of the real instruments against my images. Sometimes my artistic approach will abandon actual colors and delve into some eye catching hues that defy the substance of the object I am portraying. In certain cases that's okay, but it's always good to have a few images that are true colors.

Recently refinished Harrison violin. 2/9/10

Dam That's Pretty
Herb took this picture with the Sanyo T1060. 2/9/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Mr. Blue Sky - ELO


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