Monday, February 8, 2010

The Saints

Go Marching In

On my balcony. Superbowl Sunday.

The New Orleans Saints managed to outplay the Colts juggernaut in an exciting and memorable Superbowl, on Sunday.

The Who were, embarrassingly, too old to be playing their high energy songs of yesteryear, at half time, but they did manage to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

I thought
the Google commercial was the best of the bunch.

It was refreshing
to have the Superbowl be such a spectacular football game.


NASA's Terra satellite image. February 7, 2010.

People who don't read history
were thinking this recent snowfall was some sort of record, but a storm in 1978 was bigger.

People who don't read
, think that this snowstorm somehow disproves Global Climate Change.

Here is one of my answers to a discussion regarding Americans who don't think global warming is real, at LiveScience.

by Happy_Phil » Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:21 pm

The Koch Industries propaganda machine has spent millions of dollars to promote the U.S.-centric viewpoint that if it snows in Atlantic City, it is conclusive proof that there is no global warming. Sadly, this misinformation is presented as fact by overpaid, cable TV "journalists".

Meanwhile, Koch Industries continues to make record profits from fossil fuel and coal powered energy without the cost of having to reduce their air pollution.

The continental United States is just a tiny (1.4%) portion of the earths surface. The average temperature globally is rising more at the poles and the equator than in the temperate zones. Our country is in a temperate zone so the effects are not as evident as they are in the arctic circle.

No one can be hurt by controlling air pollution except the polluters.

Sunday Scenery

Snow capped Shasta Bally mountain, near sunset. 2/7/09

Wave Of Purple Sand

Maya's cellphone picture of Carmel Beach wave. 2/7/09

Maya called me from Carmel Beach to report that the winter storms had washed away the white sand, leaving behind purplish, black sand like one sees at Monastery Beach near Point Lobos. I asked her to send me a movie of the sand in the crashing waves. She didn't have her movie cameras with her, so she sent me a cellphone video. My cellphone doesn't have video, so I got a message instructing me to go on line and sign up for a Verizon media account. I checked it out and it would cost me money. The quality of a video taken with a cellphone is not worth paying for, so she sent me a picture instead. It looked interesting so I imported it into one of my photo editors and "pumped it up".

Sunset Through The Trees

Sunset from my balcony. 2/7/09

was a picture perfect day, here in Redding.

Johns Latest Creation
John Harrison and a violin I have been following. 2/8/09

The Bridge

Close up view of John's latest violin. 2/8/09

John's Woodpile

I have been following a couple of violins, and taking their pictures, as John creates them from a "pile of wood" in the corner of his shop. When I feel I have the right collection of images, I hope to make a photo-journalistic E-book about one of John's violins, "From Kindling to the Concert Hall", complete with a "live" performance at the end of the story.

You can view more pictures, HERE.

Wade In The Water
Fisherman wades in the Sacramento. 2/8/09

It was nice
to get out and take a few pictures today.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Wade In The Water - Eva Cassidy

Stream Of Consciousness

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