Friday, February 12, 2010

Melting Pot Meal

Italian Eggplant
Nutritious frozen microwavable dinner. 2/12/10

Many of you
already know that I put a great deal of thought into what I put into me. What I read, view, listen to, contemplate, or allow into my body and soul through any of my senses, is generally carefully selected to enrich this wonderful experience called life. What I eat, has a lot to do with everything, so I try to choose food wisely.

Ethiopian Coffee

Shade grown, organic, fair trade, fresh ground coffee.

Some of you know
that I was a gourmet, vegetarian cook for many years. I am not able to stand and prepare those meals anymore, and I can no longer call myself a vegetarian, but most of what I eat does not include meat.

Russian Novel

The book is a Russian spy novel by Brent Ghelfi.

One of the greatest freedoms
we have in America, is to be able to choose from an incredible variety of things to eat. One of the great tragedies is the vast numbers of people who limit themselves to junk food. With all the nutritious, fresh, and frozen food that is available, the people of our country are gorging themselves on fast food, and becoming obese while their bodies are starved of essential nutrients.

I was reading
where First Lady, Michelle Obama was part of an effort to provide healthier food in our schools. This article was in the local Redding paper, so there were a bunch of comments complaining that she was wasting taxpayers money. Clearly these people were examples of the relationship between poor nutrition and diminished brain development, so for the benefit of the reporter, I added further information to her story.

  • February 12, 2010
  • 10:49 a.m.
Written on North state programs complement first lady's childhood obesity campaign:

Some more information to digest;

A recent study discovered that children born to mothers who are obese during pregnancy, become genetically predisposed to develop Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, in addition to obesity related health issues.

It is traditional for America's First Lady to promote causes that improve our country. I applaud this effort to improve the quality of our children's eating habits.

It seems the old saying is abundantly true, "We are what we eat".

Sweet Dreams

Sandi made up my bed in shades of blue, Thursday.

I am so fortunate
to have food, a warm, dry place to call home, and a bed to sleep in.

Recently I changed the orientation of my bed to see how it feels. I am glad to report that it feels good. My dreams are pleasant and the outside sounds are more muted from this spot. So much so, that I had to take down my wall clock/weather station because I could hear the battery driven mechanism laboring to lift the sweep second hand from 6 o'clock to 12. It should be fun looking for a replacement clock that I cant hear.

American Viola

John uses a 500 year old method to glue and clamp.

I continue to photograph the making of John Harrison violins, and a viola. The images are beginning to graphically tell the story for the e-book, "From Kindling To Concert Hall". This weekend I hope to have time to edit some of the pictures in the trial version of Aperture 3, an image editing program for Mac users. I am impressed with some of my early efforts, and it may offer me better tools than the ones that are so time consuming, and frustratingly complex in photoshop. We shall see, graphically.

The front and back, (Top and bottom?), of viola in the making.

The viola is being created from a wide leaf maple tree that was cut high in the cascade mountains of Oregon. John has made instruments from this batch of wood before, and really likes how it performs.


Still shot from video filmed in John's violin shop.

The downsized Phil Seymour Band
did some recording last Wednesday at John's shop. Playing as a trio is really helping us listen and respond to each other while we play. The music has become more intricate when playing without a drummer or keyboard. You can hear for yourself.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Losing Hand (Trio) by Phil Seymour

Music Is Delicious

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