Sunday, February 7, 2010

Before The Saints Go Marching In

Super Saturday Night

Trying new draw feature.

First an image.

Then draw function...

Okay....How About This?

I looks like fun, once I get it figured out.

Volcano Web Cams

Canary Islands


How cool is this?
I am looking at these volcanoes live, around the world from my easy chair at 11:30PM. I happened across this volcano cam collection on a LiveScience forum.

The guy that put it together did pretty much what I had hoped to do. He searched for volcano cams and put the links all on one page. It sounds easy when put like that, and in a way it is. I mean, I know how to do it, but if it was really that easy, why didn't I?

, someone has already put a bunch of volcano webcams in one spot, HERE.

The Stazione Meteo Ercolano, Vesuvius site is very Italian, and worth a visit, HERE.

Portion of the incredibly busy Italian webpage.

If you are susceptible
to epileptic episodes, be forewarned; Clocks are spinning, words are sliding in and out, the dials are dialing, and the whole thing is in constant, chaotic motion. It's GREAT!

Really Cool

Snow crystal image from

How I got from the plastics and polymers community site to a place that is all about snowflakes is one of those glorious serendipitous events. Once I got to the snow crystal site, I discovered just how little I know about snow and ice crystals. I am gleefully fascinated by all the information, HERE. In addition to information, there are snowflake images of all shapes, and purposes. If you like, they even have snow crystal wallpaper in your size.
If you have the power and a speedy connection, you can see this movie even better, HERE.

Speaking of snowflakes
, there seems to be a preponderance of these amazing crystals descending on parts of the east coast.

Washington Snow Storm

Screen shot from youtube video at

I found this video, HERE, on the website. It's world news from another viewpoint. It was here that I found out that Denmark has a squad of Frogmen chasing pirates. I didn't even know Denmark has a navy! I like having all these different sources to peruse.

Nanotechnology Rocks

Screen shot from nanotechnology video. WATCH

It's a night of discovery
for me. I found a nanotechnology site from the UK, HERE. In the screen shot from a video at the site, you can see the photoelectron microscope that is used to observe activities at the molecular level.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Lovely To Look At by The LMP Trio


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