Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lettuce By A Head

Thundering Hooves?

Stormy Weather.jpg
View from my window May 6

Listening to the sound of numerous lightning strikes along with traffic, excited voices and now the beginnings of rain.

I have unplugged this MacBook as an homage to the safety in a storm guidelines.

Raindrop Red 5.jpg
Rain and roses

A few hailstones bouncing on the balcony. Something tells me that somewhere it’s storming in Earnest. I am not sure exactly where earnest can be found on the map. Most likely it moves along with the level of earnestness. “Wither thou goest earnestness?”

Raindrop Flowers 3.jpg
Can’t resist photographing raindrops on roses

Here I am wondering where the storm is earnestly storming and the answers are right here with my laptop and Wunderground weather radar (backwards it’s spelled r-a-d-a-r).
Storm at 5:01...It looked more severe about 15min earlier. That was the time when there was a lot of thunder claps, rattles and lightning strikes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 5.01.29 PM.png
Screen shot of WunderMap 5 6 16

I turned off the recorder and packed up the M67 large diaphragm condenser mic that seems to record well with nature’s harmonic spectrum. The storm has abated and people have resumed driving up and down Lake Boulevard in today’s loudest exhaust pipes competition.

Treehouse Garden View.jpg
Treehouse patio garden view

Today’s Video;

Our Wonderful World

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