Thursday, March 9, 2017

Conflict Attracts Energy

More Energy Leads To More Power

This is my take on how Donald Trump uses the Soap Opera method to maintain a devoted following as stated in an article by Jocelyn Seagrave.


I recommend that you read the article The Soap Opera Star’s Guide To Donald Trump to get a more complete grasp of the bizarre behavior of our Liar in Chief.

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Those crazy tweets and weird behaviors are features, not bugs. His Twitter rants are like supermarket tabloid headlines that test your incredulity and stick in your brain.

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The more outrageous the accusations the greater the conflict. The greater the conflict, the more energy it attracts and that energy becomes more power for the unscrupulous bankruptcy king.

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The other benefit of those seemingly insane outbursts by Mr Trump is how he has been able to divert attention away from his financial ties and transactions with foreign countries.

It seems that investigations into Trump and his Russian bank loans have begun. That’s a good start. This soap opera is about to get really interesting. Stay tuned for a series of exciting episodes brought to you by dedicated teams of independent investigators.

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