Friday, April 1, 2016

No Fooling

Frivolity In America Crushed By Fox News

Flying Wild Canary.jpg
Flying wild canary

Cable news is a cesspool of anger and fear that keeps addicted viewers spending every free moment following the latest shitstorm. No time for frivolity or nuance.

Inner Tulip.jpg
Inner tulip revealed

If the TV propaganda isn’t enough to keep some people angry and fearful, they can always listen to hate radio “Obama Bashing” and other unhealthy junk food for thought.

Wild Bee on Margarita.jpg
Wild bee on Margarita

I didn’t hear or see anyone doing April Fool’s pranks today. I tried the old “There’s a spider on your head” bit, but it fell flat.

America has lost it’s sense of humor and I blame Fox news and talk radio for 30 years worth of nonstop right wing extremist propaganda. They have been the instigators and promoters of angry, ugly, intolerant, xenophobic, anti-Democratic, Anglo-centrist, gun toting vigilante ignorance.

Wild Canary 1.jpeg
Wild Canary

People are afraid to joke with co-workers. Hesitant to say hello to a person in line at the store. Not sure if they should go to a movie or restaurant or the mall.

After all; Who knows where terrorist Muslims, Mexicans, or alien immigrants will attack freedom next? Better to buy another gun, open a beer and watch more Faux news.

Red and Blue Poppies.jpg
Red and blue poppies

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Spider? April Fool? What?

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