Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sharing Existence

With All That Exists


Every life and death of stars, molecules, atoms, biological forms, mountains, gasses,... Everything.


Everything that exists is connected and part of this universe. Can you feel what the gazelle is feeling at this moment while being chased by a lion? Can you feel the explosive power of galaxies colliding?


Can you hear your heart beating? Can you feel the oxygen molecules passing through the membranes of your lungs into your bloodstream. Can you feel your diaphragm muscles pulling your lungs open to draw in each fresh breath?


Can you feel the tension in muscles and joints fading as you enter a state of calm relaxation? Focus solely on a phrase or sound until all senses are silent. If you can do these things, you are at the gateway to all that is, was or ever will be.


Your self image, ego, no longer exists in this state of universal awareness. There are no nations or languages. Everything here is all one thought, one entity. This is the beginning and end of all that is. This is the state of being that mystics try to describe and share.

F Lassen 4.jpg
Lassen focused through bare tree branches outside the east stairwell of B building

Imagine existing as all matter and all life forms at once. It can be the most awesome empathic experience one can ever have.

That is a tiny example of sharing existence with all that exists. Okay? Now exhale.

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