Friday, March 4, 2016

It All Comes Down To This

One Simple Truth;

Mmm Good Pie.jpg
Mmmm Pie

The Rich don’t want to share ‘their’ pie with the people who made it. Selfish behavior.

Owl Garden.jpg
Dottie’s garden owl

Capitalism is the result of unregulated selfishness. A compulsion to have more than them*

*Them could be family, fellow villagers or in the case of ultra billionaires, everybody.

J Jumps 4.jpg
Wildflowers at the Treehouse

I feel like I have written on this topic before. Starting as far back as the 1960’s.

The ghost of Yogi Berra lives on to remind me,”It’s Deja vu all over again”.

Sunday Shasta HDR FX N.jpg
A different Redding view of Mount Shasta

Selfishness is not limited to megalomaniacs. It is part of our survival instinct that remains in the early evolutionary development part of our brains.

Some politicians get their support by appealing to people's inner reptile when they promise to build a wall to keep “those people” from getting our stuff.

Here Again White.jpg
Each year I forget the name of this plant

The more evolved parts of our brains have the capability of regulating our primitive reptilian impulses and allow us to understand that we live on a planet teeming with an abundance of living creatures, including ourselves.

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Life Is Fascinating

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