Saturday, February 27, 2016

Marching Along

Towards March

Margarita with Bug.jpg
Bug Drinks Margarita

Flowers in February, how nice. In all the pictures of blossoms that I’ve been taking, I have only photographed one wild bee. The ornamental fruit trees should be humming with the sound of busy honey bees.

Blossoms 24 1.jpg
North Market street blossoms

I have been asked to sign various petitions that use words and language that order the official receiving it to take action.

I have been replying with my own message saying these petitions are unlikely to be effective because they demand that “so and so” do something.

Maybe I am old-fashioned. I believe that addressing others with respect will more likely get “them” to consider the stated concerns. More flies with honey is a time tested strategy.

Zombie Dancing Palm.jpg
Dancing Zombie Palm Tree

A wildfire jumped North Market Street a few years ago, leaving several palm trees burning like big tiki torches until they were reduced to blackened posts.

Last Wednesday I was at A-1 Smog on North Market street. I used the smog testing time to walk around and take some pictures.

I was delighted to see that the palm trees had come back to life and appeared to be dancing to Zombie Reggae.

Vulture 8.jpg
Vultures were overhead watching zombie palms dancing below

With all the preponderance of important news stories, I would think that a responsible news outlet would be filled with information that matters. Nope.

Instead of actual news, they fill radio, TV, internet and printed media with the latest speculations and paid advertising about presidential primaries for the July conventions where the 2 parties will choose who their candidates will be in the November election.

Blossoms 24 3.jpg
Pink blossoms along North Market street

Yesterday I went to the Redding library to return and get some books. I checked out 3 books to get me through the weekend. One of them was a new Alex Cross detective adventure by James Patterson.

What an amazing writer. I am happy to be one of the millions of readers who cannot put his books down until he has finished telling his story.

West Red.jpg
Sunset through the trees

Most all of James Patterson’s Alex Cross stories take over my world for a few hours until I run out of book. (That would have been about 2am)

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